As a clinician, I work from strengths-based, anti-oppressive, and trauma informed frameworks.  More specifically, I find inspiration in feminist, relational, and somatic practices which understand individual resources, survival skills, and coping strategies in a positive and productive light, rather than through a lens of pathology or "deficiency".  Starting from this base of acknowledging the wisdom of the client, we will work together to build new patterns and explore new possibilities for healing and expression.  I strive to create a space that is safe, non-pathologizing, and welcoming to each person and all of the identities they carry.    

Since 2016, I have been working to deepen my clinical practice to include somatic approaches to trauma healing, in particular though Sensorimotor Psychotherapy training.  I believe that integrating care for mind and body, especially as it relates to trauma, is an essential element of the healing process. Click here for resources and readings that I have found valuable on this journey in somatic work. 

Although I have professionally transitioned from the field of film and video to clinical social work, I continue to integrate creative expression in my practice of therapy.  I hold the two identities of artist and therapist close to my heart, and they are in turn integrated into the work and self I bring to the therapeutic relationship.  I am happy to integrate creative and expressive practices into our work if clients so choose.

Additionally, I work in English, but am conversational in Bosnian, Croatian, and Serbian and welcome clients from the former Yugoslavia.  

I honor and hold space for the courage and vulnerability it often requires when seeking out and beginning therapy.  And while the therapeutic process can be uncomfortable and challenging at times, we will work together to find the space of safety within the discomfort of healing, growth, and change.  That said, therapy is also a place where we may share in joy, hopefulness, celebration, and possibility.


Clinical Specializations:

• Trauma recovery

• Affirmative practice with LGBTIQA individuals and couples

• Issues facing those in helping professions including social and political activists and organizers

• Issues facing those navigating the immigration process

• Polyamorous, non-monogamous, monogamous or “non-traditional” relationships.

• Affirmative practice with individuals in kink, BDSM communities

• Adjusting to life transitions

• Depression, anxiety and other mood disorders